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Since making the exciting announcement on the birth of the two endangered black and white Ruffed lemurs we have decided to let YOU name them!!! You read that right, this is your chance to name a critically endangered animal while watching them grow up through our updates. For the next couple of weeks, the babies will be spending time with Xena in the nests, and we will be searching for their names!

Everyone who submits a name please make sure they are gender-neutral. This is best since we don’t know their sex yet.  Remember these magnificent animals originate only from Madagascar!!! So maybe choose names that originate from that area or their language 😉


We are asking for just $5.00 per name submission to help build a larger enclosure for this growing family and troop! 

If you didn’t know, Xena and Zorro were taken from the breeding trade and brought to Chase about 3 years ago. Since arriving here Xena gave birth to our infamous Izzy in 2019 who she unfortunately rejected and then gave birth to twins Faly and Vokatra last year. She accepted Faly and Vokatra last year and they have been thriving with their family since. These amazing primates are native only to Madagascar and they are on the critically endangered list. At this time there is thought to be less than 1,000 black and white ruffed lemurs left in the wild. The birth of the twins is not only exciting but a perfect opportunity to help educate the public about the habitat destruction, deforestation, and hunting that is still happening in Madagascar and the main cause for the lose of life within their species.  Through education and awareness, we can all play a part in protecting these and all of the animals of Madagascar.

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