Chase Butterfly Garden

Pollinator populations (bees, moths, birds and bats) continue to decline as habitat loss brought on by urbanization, use of pesticides and climate change continues to occur. Butterflies and other pollinators including bees, moths, birds, and bats pollinate over 75% of the world’s flowering plants, making it crucial to protect these species. Pollination helps plants reproduce which helps strengthen ecosystems and maintain life sustaining biological diversity in nature. Butterflies eat a variety of plant and insect species, providing necessary population control.

The Chase Butterfly Garden, with milkweed and other wildflowers, attracts pollinators and provides food and shelter for endangered Monarchs and other pollinator species. Not only is it beautiful, it is an integral part of our outreach and education programs, inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

Garden sponsorships, memorial benches and commemorative bricks are available. For more information on sponsorships, email

Monarch Level Sponsors

Robin Merritt

Painted Lady Level Sponsors

Natalie Warner

Caterpillar Level Sponsors

Ed & Sue McCoy

Glenn & Sue Harwell

Irvin Newsome

Piney Outdoors, LLC

 Tom Yinger