Lemur and friends interactive tour!

Interested in participating in our Lemurs and Friends Tour?

Our lemurs share their 10 acre habitat with other animals such as kangaroos, cavy, antelope, deer, tortoises, pigs, several bird species, and many more. On this tour you will enter our open habitat and watch the lemurs jump from tree to tree and often times onto you. Kangaroos will greet you as will many others animals. Interact with the animals here while you learn about their the critically endangered status facing many of them.

During this tour you will also observe our marmoset colonies, rare birds from around the world and our beautiful botanical landscape.

Group Tour: (Ages 8 & up NO EXCEPTIONS) Saturdays at 11am by appointment only.

Private Tour: Available by appointment only on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 11am. This is a more intimate experience with only your private group and can be tailored to your preferences with respect to Animal interactions and educational opportunities.