Our Mission

To bring the community and the primate/exotic preservation mission together in a way that enhances lives. Our volunteers are passionate, involved advocates of all ages and from all walks of life. This includes students seeking bright futures scholarships, interns, the elderly community in the nearby villages and those in need of permanent sanctuary for their exotic pets.

To help preserve critically endangered species through sharing of data, animals and resources with other zoological facilities, thereby helping to reduce the threat of extinction.

Creating Meaningful Change Through Advocacy & Education

Our programs focus on the preservation of endangered species by combining our resources with the resources of other zoological facilities to maintain diverse blood lines of endangered and exploited species. We also occasionally take in rescues or surrendered exotic pets to provide veterinary care, kindness and life in a troop, colony or flock of their own kind.

Our programs include:

Programs that shed light on the plight of primates currently in danger of extinction including species preservation programs for animals here at the sanctuary and overseas in their natural habitats. We combine our resources with the resources of other zoological facilities to maintain diverse blood lines of endangered and exploited species. We also share our donations and intel with groups doing boots on the ground conservation in the native habitats of these endangered species.

Educational Programs

  • Increase awareness and discourage the primate pet and breeding trades
  • Encourage preservation of the earth’s flora and fauna through our butterfly gardens (propagating the endangered Monarch Butterfly), and on site recycling and educational programs.

Rescue Programs

Rescue programs for surrendered exotic pets to provide sanctuary and enrichment by introducing them to life in a troop, colony or flock of their own kind. We rehabilitate pet primates who have become aggressive, as nearly all pet primates do. We are against the ownership of pet primates.

Open-Air Habitat Enrichment Programs

Our habitats are as close to natural as possible. We believe that primates benefit substantially when they live in natural family sized troops, high up in the trees where they play and forage. It is the lack of this type of environment and of the social interaction that occurs in such an environment, that causes many primates to become aggressive and/or malcontent. Here at Chase, family troops are permitted to breed and create an ideal family structure after which time, the males are neutered and/or the females are placed on birth control. No primates from Chase have ever or will ever be sold to the public as pets.

Community Outreach Programs

We provide volunteer hours for the Florida bright futures scholarship program, several local and distant college internship programs, PTSD sufferers, retirees looking to keep busy and students with disabilities.

Traci HoggardTraci Hoggard
18:09 07 Nov 21
My friend & I, along with her adult son, did the Yoga with Lemurs. It was awesome! Then we were able to join on one of their tours to see all that the Sanctuary was. We enjoyed it immensely! A definite bucket list item for me! We intend on returning soon! Thank you to the hard & selfless work the volunteers do for those precious animals. I just wish I lived closer to be a dedicated volunteer myself!
Zahida CeskoZahida Cesko
22:10 30 Oct 21
We had an amazing time today at yoga. It was one of the most fun and relaxing experiences. The staff was incredibly nice. I loved that the animals weren’t forced to interact. Some of the lemurs wouldn’t come out so they let out a different type of monkey. Everything was voluntary on the animals part which made it that much more enjoyable. The deer and Patagonia Mara were also a pleasant addition. Looking forward to going back again.
Adisa BecirevicAdisa Becirevic
19:38 30 Oct 21
We had an amazing time during lemur yoga! It was such a fun experience being able to interact with the animals and having them running around during yoga. We also liked how well cared for the animals are, it never felt like they were being exploited for our entertainment. This was such a wholesome and fantastic opportunity and we would definitely go back again!
L MachiavelliL Machiavelli
00:28 20 Sep 21
My friend and I attended lemur yoga. It was such an interesting experience. I didn’t know what it would be like but we were completely surprised in a good way. The lemurs were friendly, gentle, didn’t smell funky (yay to that!) and were soft like a chinchilla. The other attendees were also nice people. There were extra animals out during yoga. All was wonderful. I suggest bringing a towel with you to clean your hands off after feeding bits of fruit during yoga.
Angel RomanAngel Roman
21:58 19 Aug 21
Such a GREAT place to spend TIME; with friend's or family. On a date or with a LOVE one. The staff and owner's are awesome people. The love and time they all put into this place. Wow!!! I'm definitely GOING back. Not knowing much about Chase animal rescue. I will next time bring things they ask for on their website. See Ya soon!!!