Welcome to Chase Animal Rescue Sanctuary

To bring the community and the primate/exotic rescue mission together in a way that enhances lives. Our volunteers are passionate, involved advocates of all ages and from all walks of life. By working with students seeking community service hours for bright futures scholarships, students seeking internships, the neighboring elderly community and those in need of permanent sanctuary for their exotic pets, we improve the lives of primates and other exotic animals who have been neglected, abused or otherwise dealt an unfair hand by the human race. Through rescue, rehabilitation and placement in an appropriate wild-like habitat, we create an ideal life plan and a forever-home.

Simultaneously, we work to take primates out of the exotic breeder trade and to rehabilitate pet primates who have become aggressive, as nearly all pet primates do. We are against the ownership of pet primates and have set our sights on helping to make this exploitive practice illegal.

We believe we are a special place with a mission that involves the community in being part of something bigger than themselves.

With each act of kindness, you can make a profound difference. And with each contribution, you can help save yet another life. Contact Chase Sanctuary today to learn more.

Chase Sanctuary Helps The Most Vulnerable Creatures

We are a non profit volunteer organization comprised of animal lovers, trainers, rescue staff and caregivers. Our commitment is to help all types of Animals in need. We maintain a 10 acre rescue and sanctuary with facilities for primates, large birds, and tortoises. The animals who make their home here have acres of natural habitat, huge flight aviaries and fields to romp in. We are available for limited tours and to allow folks to interact with the animals and learn more about our mission at Chase Sanctuary.

Creating Meaningful Change Through Advocacy & Education

It matters because these animals cannot help themselves. It matters because we can help make a difference in their lives.

Animals, while our best friends, are sometimes given a less than ideal life. Since, in many instances, some human involvement contributed to this, the responsibility to intervene rests with us. In each individual situation we create an action plan to address each animal’s rehabilitation and lifetime care needs.  We also provide a lifetime sanctuary here at the facility.

Through education we can increase awareness and can discourage the primate pet and breeding trades. We can also shed light on the plight of primates in danger of extinction. 

We repair mental and physical neglect through veterinary care, kindness and by introducing animals to life in a troop, colony or flock of their own kind. By providing habitat as close to natural as possible we provide a fulfilling life for these incredible animals. We do not sell or adopt out any animals. In this manner, we make a difference.