Why It Matters

It matters because these animals cannot help themselves.

It matters because we can help.


We can make a difference in their lives. Animals, while our best friends, are sometimes given a less than ideal life. Since, in many instances, some human involvement contributed to this, the responsibility to intervene rests with us. In each individual situation we create an action plan to address each animal’s needs and to determine if we can rehabilitate and re-home the animal or if we will provide lifetime sanctuary here at the facility.

Through education we can increase spay/neuter awareness and can discourage improper training, housing and diet. By repairing mental and physical neglect we can prepare animals to adjust to new and loving homes. By providing habitat as close to natural as possible we can provide a fulfilling life for those unsuitable for pet placement. In this manner, we make a difference.

Here are some more ways to make a difference:

-Adopt a shelter pet (only 25% of the animals at a shelter are lucky enough to find a loving home)

-Spay/neuter all pets (over 3 million animals are euthanized each year at animal shelters around the country. Spay/neuter can greatly reduce this number)

-Do not allow pets to roam free without supervision

-Do not purchase “wild caught” exotic animals – significant stress and environmental damage is done to capture these animals. A wild animal, accustomed to total freedom, is not a good prospect as a caged pet. Many animals die before they ever can be sold as exotic pets.

-Do significant research before considering an exotic animal, even a parrot. The vast majority of people cannot meet the needs of an exotic animal. These animals are not domesticated and retain the needs of a wild animal. If you cannot provide exercise, space, mental stimulation, diet and companionship similar to their natural environment, they will not be happy and healthy.