Fundraising Campaign

Chase Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, a 501-C corporation,  provides a fully restorative process for many species: wild, exotic and domestic.  We tailor a training, socialization, and physical treatment plan for each animal so that all species here can be happy and healthy while overcoming the hardships and abuse that they have faced.  Whether a dog on death row at the local pound, a physically crippled tortoise, or a baby raccoon, we provide a home for all, and set them on a path to restoration.

In some cases we are able to heal an animal and find an adoptive forever home in a few months, but in other cases it takes much more time and effort to heal the trauma that these animals have experienced mentally and physically. Some may never heal completely; in cases like these we provide a safe and healthy home for the animals and continue to work with them to maximize their life quality. We presently have over 100 animals and over 25 species in our care.  

We need to expand our sanctuary to help more animals and to support a larger variety species. We own 20 acres and create large, species appropriate habitats. We have room for expansion but need additional funds. In addition to habitat costs, food and medical care prices are becoming more and more expensive. Each species here requires an appropriate diet which results in very large purchases of seed, insects, fruit and vegetables, dog and cat food and cat litter.  Your donations will help meet these costs as well. We  exist only through the support of folks you, who are taking their time to read this.  

 New habitats under construction and in need of funding include: 

  • 5800 sq. ft. dog rescue area to house more dogs who are due to be euthanized at the local shelters
  • 4150 sq. ft. indoor/outdoor full flight aviary
  • an expansion of our turtle/tortoise enclosure
  • an indoor/outdoor cat cottage that houses cats due to be euthanized at the local shelters
  • a mixed species habitat that will provide a diverse and enriched living space for many of the species we rescue and at the same time will expand our outreach to our nearby elderly community in the villages. Retirees often visit us with their children and grandchildren but sometimes find it difficult to walk enough to enjoy viewing all of the habitats.  This project will permit significant viewing and interaction in one location.

None of our executives or board takes any salary. All donations go entirely towards helping animals in need. please take the time today to consider donating to our cause. Together we can help these Animals. All donations are tax deductible.   

Thank You for your consideration!