Dogs In Need

Here at the Rescue we are committed to rehabilitating bodies and minds. The dogs come to us from many places but primarily from two issues:

  1. Hunting- The sanctuary is located on the Withlacoochee State forest. Each year during hunting seasons many hounds are either lost, abandoned or injured. Some have actually located the sanctuary on their own and waited outside the gate for rescue. Others are found wandering the street or starving in the woods. These dogs are often emaciated, sometimes pregnant and always in need. Our goal is to take them in, spay, neuter and housetrain. We also socialize and do basic obedience work. We then place in forever homes pet homes.
  2. Dog pounds that euthanize. We seek to rescue as many dogs as we can quickly rehabilitate, train and place. Our goal is to visit the shelters and pounds before euthanasia day and chose dogs who can be placed relatively quickly so that we can help as many as possible.

Marina is our poster child for this program. She was found near the forest as a 6 month old pup in dire need. It took a year of love, surgeries and training to rehabilitate her. Her first home did not stick due to her aversion for cats. She is now in a wonderful loving home in Texas and is finally part of a family.

These are Marina’s before and after photos:


Marina (Before)


Marina (After)

These are photos of other rescues we recently placed:

Slinky_SitW Diamond_Head Eve before