Cats In Need

feral-cat-shelterPart rescue, part trap-neuter-release (TNR), our cat rescue program takes on several dimensions. Some cats are abandoned or left without proper food and shelter, others are feral or the offspring of feral cats who need to be spayed/neutered and allowed to live out their lives as wild but guarded from the weather and health threats. The cats here come from 2 primary sources:

  1. The wild population that lives in and around the Withlacoochee state forest and the rural areas surrounding the forest.
  2. Abandoned cats and kittens brought to us by others who rescued them.

The sanctuary supports a feral colony whose population is forever changing based on new arrivals. Most of these cats grew up wild and with a deep distrust of humans. We provide food, shelter and medical care.  The cats come and go as they please, yet most chose to stay very close.  After years at the sanctuary we are sometimes able to interact with them. Some even learn to accept and enjoy a gentle touch. However, none of these cats will ever make an adjustment sufficient to become house pets. All of these cats are spayed and neutered.

The cats and kittens who have had human contact and are abandoned or otherwise left to their own devices, are brought here for rehabilitation, spay/neuter, vaccines and ultimately placement. Please see our adoption page for details about available pets.

Photos of the ferals: